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Please Take a moment to review our courses. ALL can be custom tailored and ARE OFFERED TO LAW ENFORCEMENT, MILITARY and civilians.  if you are interested and would like date specific information, SEND US A MESSAGE through the contact link above.    

concealed carry  

You will receive a class on the Laws of North Carolina pertaining to concealed carry and the use of deadly force, an NRA level handgun safety course combined with considerations for concealed carry, practical application of the fundamentals of marksmanship, and conduct a live fire qualification needed to demonstrate your proficiency and safe gun handling skills.  Upon completion you will receive a certificate that is needed to process your application for a North Carolina concealed carry permit.

Carbine Operators Course 

This course will build a solid foundation for operating your carbine and successfully prepare shooters for future training needs.  Topics trained and discussed will include:  Carbine overview and set-up,  Options for kit and accessories,  Ballistics for the 5.56/.223,  Loading and Un-loading procedures,  Marksmanship Fundamentals,  Zeroing procedures,  Muzzle Management and Positional Shooting,  Magazine changes,  Malfunctions and actions for each.  

Handgun Accuracy Clinic

This clinic will build a better understanding of pistol marksmanship fundamentals and improve shooter accuracy.  Topics trained and discussed will include:  Handgun training overview,  Loading and Un-loading procedures,  Marksmanship Fundamentals and numerous drills to exploit fundamental weaknesses, Presentation sequence, Muzzle Management and Positional Shooting.   

Long Range

Our Long-Range training courses can be tailored to your individual or team needs.  We use time tested methods combined with the latest technology to teach or sustain the skills that are needed to apply sound ballistic solutions to every training event and real world scenario.

Church sAFETY/ active shooter response 

This training can be tailored to your church home’s specific needs.  Everything from certifying your safety staff for legal concealed carry to Low Visibility Tactics.  Our Active Shooter Response Course will use a combination of tactical planning, task organization of staff, and simulated crisis scenarios to better prepare your staff for times of uncertainty. 

Carbine and Handgun tactics

Train the tactics and techniques that will increase your survivability during times of crisis. Topics trained and discussed can include: preparation for close quarter battle and home defense. Use of vehicles and vehicle defense. Medium shooting - windshields and glass.